Dawn’s Lair; A Special Place Where You Can Ask For Guidance

Dawn Howard is an advisor who has extensively traveled throughout her lifetime to vastly different continents. Her cultural background comes from four prominent Native American tribes. Shoshone, Paiute, Hopi, and Pima. These tribes originated from California through Nevada to Arizona. Her family, and childhood stem from two very distinctive ideologies of the military background, and strong Christian ties on her father’s side. Her mother’s side are culturally traditionalist whom have maintained their activism fight towards specific Indigenous Rights against the government’s overreach. Her perspective on human interaction, and behavior may have some insight; due to her background in education, and experience. She has also served as a behavior health technician, rehabiliating our male youth. Her most recent studies are in psychology, philosophy, criminology, and sociology between Scottsdale Community College & Arizona State University. She has also advocated, and attended a high profile court setting regarding the West Memphis 3 Case. She has had the opportunity to correspond with the youngest female in deathrow known as Christa Pike in Tennessee. Later on in life, she briefly interviewed, and did an editorial for a heavy metal magazine, and discovered her musical endeavors through her radio show known as Dawn’s Rock Patrol And finally… Her most proud accomplishment was becoming a mother of four beautiful children, and setting her goals aside in order to support her kids’ father serving his military obligation as a soldier for our country.

Dawn’s Lair ; a place to ask questions about life, relationships, heavy metal, or whatever is on your mind.

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